Women Hiring Circle aims to support women who are looking for a job opportunity.


If you are an organisation or an expert in HR that want to contribute to the community, send us a message to start a conversation.

This is an inclusive project where everyone is welcome to participate.

We want to create an ambience where women in our community share best practices, contribute with valuable information, participate in our job search activities, and support other women to find their next professional job opportunity.



Connecting women with job opportunities

Our Roots

Everything started with the idea to connect women with careers opportunities in the Netherlands. I was reading an article about how difficult it is for a women (expat) to find a job in the Netherlands, and that's why I came with the idea of creating a group where women (expats and locals) support each other in this search for job opportunities. This is how Women Hiring Circle was born. 

I shared this idea with a couple of friends (women) some of them looking for a job as myself, I also talked to my husband (his support and feedback has been helping me, we are a very good team!). After receiving valuable feedback I decided to start this initiative, and in less than a month I created a Slack channel, logo, website, LinkedIn page, talked with experts who want to participate or provide advice. Then, I created the first activity and of course I invited women to start the 1st group. We all are still learning in the process, but this is the beginning of all what we can achieve "together".

Wendy Garcés

Founder of Women Hiring Circle

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This is the beginning of your next professional opportunity, what do you need to do?

  • Send us a message via contact form here.

  • Follow us on LinkedIn.

  • Agree to our conduct code: be respectful, honest and kind.

  • Commitment to invest at least 2 hrs. per week to participate in our activities and share valuable information.

  • Invest time in yourself: work on your resume, cover letter or get ready for an interview!

What's next?

  • You will receive a message to set a date for a video call this way we can know more about you.

  • You can join our the Slack channel and meet our members.

Diversity increases productivity.

And we want to bring talented women into your organisation.

You can host a talk, or a recruitment event.

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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diane Mariechild






Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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